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Meet our Team

Profile photo of team member - Senior Neuromuscular Physical Therapist, Susan

Meet Susie

The Heart of Sandymount Neuromuscular & Sports Injury Clinic

Susie is not just the proprietor of Sandymount Neuromuscular & Sports Injury Clinic, and the heart of our team, but she’s also the clinic’s Senior Neuromuscular Physical Therapist. Her expertise extends far and wide, encompassing rehabilitation and Medical Pilates. With qualifications in breathing for sports performance, sports kinesio taping, Dry Needling and Chinese cupping, Susie is equipped with a comprehensive skill set to support your health journey.

Over the years, Susie has honed her anatomical knowledge and expertise, specializing in sports injuries. Her clients include rugby players, boxers, runners, and MMA fighters, all of whom have benefited from her exceptional care. She’s committed to helping individuals with a wide range of injuries, both acute and long-term chronic pain issues.

Susie’s dedication to physical wellness doesn’t stop in the clinic. As a former Martial Arts all-Ireland champion, she knows what it takes to excel in the world of sports. And she’s not just about providing care – Susie has a keen interest in Triathlon training, embodying the principles of fitness, endurance, and an active lifestyle. With Susie, you’re not just receiving professional care; you’re partnering with someone who truly understands the world of sports and physical well-being.

Profile Photo of our Physiologist, Sean Husband

Meet Sean

Our resident physiologist, and your Expert in Sports Science and High-Performance Coaching

Sean is no ordinary professional. He’s currently on the path to earning his PhD, with a focus on position optimisation for cycling. Holding an MSc in Sports & Exercise Physiology, his academic credentials are matched only by his real-world expertise.

Sean’s experience is marked by excellence. He’s worked closely with elite triathletes in the GB triathlon program, contributing to their remarkable achievements and medal wins at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. His work doesn’t stop there; Sean also collaborates with professional cycling teams, age group triathletes, and distance runners, wearing the hats of both physiologist and coach.

But Sean isn’t just a sports scientist; he’s an athlete in his own right. He’s competed internationally as a Professional Triathlete in Ironman and World Triathlon events, making him uniquely qualified to understand the needs and aspirations of athletes at the highest levels.

With Sean, you’re not just working with a coach and physiologist; you’re partnering with someone who has walked the walk and is now dedicated to helping you achieve your own peak performance. Sean is a valuable member of our team!

Sports Psychologist team member, Ciaran Casey

Meet Ciaran

A respected professional in sports psychology and coaching, dedicated to unlocking athletes’ full potential.

Ciaran is an esteemed professional in Sports Psychology and Coaching, dedicated to unleashing the full potential of athletes.

With an MSc in Sports Psychology and membership (GMBPsS) with the British Psychological Society, Ciaran brings a solid academic foundation to his practice, and our team, complemented by an advanced diploma in Leadership and Coaching.

His extensive experience includes working with Ironman 70.3 athletes and the Malaysian Olympic Team, spanning sports such as sailing, swimming, karate, and para weightlifting.

Collaborating with organisations like the Irish Institute of Sport and Paralympics Ireland, Ciaran has spearheaded impactful projects and supported athletes to achieve remarkable successes, including in women’s football with Wexford Youth FC’s Senior Women’s team.

With a proven track record of excellence, Ciaran continues to drive positive change and empower athletes to achieve their goals.

Profile photo of Neuromuscular Physical Therapist, Mariela

Meet Mariela

Your dedicated Neuromuscular Therapist with a passion for healing and rejuvenation

With a specialisation in a variety of body treatments and protocols, Mariela is your go-to expert for releasing muscular tightness and tension.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team and her clients, and addresses chronic musculoskeletal issues, injuries, and strains with precision and care. Mariela is more than just a therapist – she’s an active and enthusiastic tennis player.

Whenever she finds a spare moment, you’ll likely find her on the court, honing her skills and staying in touch with her love for the game.

It’s this same dedication and energy that she brings to her practice, helping you on your journey to health and vitality.

Profile Photo of team member , Deep Tissue Massage Terapist

Meet Benjamin

A Multifaceted Expert in Sports and Wellness

Benjamin is a versatile professional with a wealth of expertise in sports and exercise science, personal training, and a current pursuit of Neuromuscular Therapy. With his diverse background, Benjamin brings a unique blend of experiences to his practice.

Having travelled the world as a trapeze artist, Benjamin’s body awareness and understanding of movement are unparalleled. He’s no stranger to the demands of high-performance physical activities. In fact, he currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a testament to his commitment to personal growth and excellence in the field.

With Benjamin’s extensive knowledge and multi-faceted background, you can trust in his skills and guidance for a well-rounded approach to your health and wellness journey.

Profile picture of team member Gary

Meet Gary

Your dedicated Neuromuscular Therapist with a passion for movement and mobility optimisation.

Meet Gary, our dedicated neuromuscular physical therapist, whose passion for an active lifestyle drives his commitment to helping others overcome pain and achieve peak performance.

With a solid educational background in Leisure Management, coupled with qualifications in Exercise Health Studies and Personal Training, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice.

Whether you’re struggling with persistent pain, tightness, or stiffness, Gary’s hands-on approach and understanding of sports-related muscle requirements make him your go-to expert.

As a runner and cyclist himself, he recognises the importance of regular massage in boosting performance and restoring muscle function.

Trust in Gary’s skills and experience to keep you in top form and performing at your best. Welcome to our team, Gary!

Profile photo of Christina

Meet Christina

Your Expert in Sports, Orthopaedic Therapy, and Yoga

Christina, a highly skilled Sports and Orthopaedic Therapist with a specialization in a diverse range of treatment areas. Her expertise covers Deep Tissue and Remedial Therapy, Sports and Orthopaedic Treatment, Sports and Conditioning, Holistic Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Seated Chair Massage.

But Christina’s talents don’t stop there. She’s also a certified Yoga Instructor, dedicated to sharing the art of yoga with individuals and groups from various backgrounds. Her offerings include tailored one-to-one sessions, Yoga for Sports and Conditioning, Workshops, and Retreats. Her approach is holistic, and she provides support for specific musculoskeletal conditions, including injury recovery, MS, Cancer Care, and addressing the challenges of Sedentary Lifestyles.

Christina’s yoga expertise extends to various domains, including Yoga for Stress Relief and Relaxation, Breathwork, and Meditation. With her unique blend of therapeutic and yoga skills, she is committed to helping you achieve a harmonious balance of physical well-being, relaxation, and inner peace.

Profile Photo of our Reiki Master, Moira

Meet Moira

Your Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Specialist and Certified Reiki Master

Moira specializes in back, neck and shoulder massages, where her passion for wellness and unwavering dedication to her clients shine through.

Moira’s innate talent for massage therapy was destined to be, driven by her deep passion for relieving tension, pain, and stress. Every massage session she conducts is a personalized journey to wellness, guided by her expertise and caring approach. Moira’s commitment to continuously improving her skills and staying at the forefront of industry practices ensures that each client receives a holistic experience that leaves them feeling revitalized, both physically and mentally.

But Moira’s talents don’t stop at massage therapy. She is also a dedicated Reiki Master and a proud member of Reiki Federation Ireland. Her journey into Reiki was inspired by her desire to help a down syndrome infant facing recurring chest infections. Moira’s remarkable healing work, both locally and internationally, has culminated in her achieving the title of Reiki Master in 2021. Beyond her healing journey, Moira’s passion for documentary and travel photography and her personal practice in Buddhism enrich her treatments with a gentle, calming, and compassionate approach.

With Moira, you’re not just receiving massages or Reiki; you’re engaging with a practitioner whose journey of compassion, cultural wisdom, and dedication culminate in truly exceptional healing experiences. We are proud to have Moira as part of our team, helping you find your path to relaxation and well-being.

Profile photo of our acupuncturist, Michal

Meet Michal

Your Trusted Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Michal Niedzialkowski, a distinguished member of the PRTCM and a recognized provider of Acupuncture treatments by leading health insurance providers in Ireland, including VHI and Laya Healthcare. With a solid reputation for excellence, Michal’s expertise is well-established in the field.

Michal’s journey in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine began at the esteemed Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICTCM) in Dublin. His commitment to the field goes beyond practice; he’s also a dedicated teacher and Clinical Supervisor at the ICTCM, imparting his knowledge and skills to the next generation of practitioners.

Michal’s qualifications and insurance coverage encompass a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine specialties, including Acupuncture TCM, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Medical Qigong.

With Michal, you’re not just receiving treatment from a practitioner; you’re entrusting your well-being to a knowledgeable and experienced expert in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Profile photo of our Homeopath, Tiha

Meet Tiha

Your Expert in Holistic Homeopathy

Tiha is a certified homeopath who received her training at the renowned Irish School of Homeopathy. With a deep commitment to holistic healing, Tiha is dedicated to guiding individuals towards mental, emotional, and physical equilibrium.

Tiha understands that the body’s innate instinct is to be in a state of ease and balance. Homeopathy, in her hands, serves as a powerful conduit for this equilibrium. It works by translating the language of your body’s symptoms, effectively pinpointing where and what assistance is required. Through carefully chosen remedies, homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, promoting safe, gentle, and lasting recovery.

What sets Tiha’s approach apart is its profound holistic nature. Every remedy is tailored to you as a unique individual, crafted with precision to address your specific needs. With Tiha, you’re not just receiving homeopathic treatment; you’re embarking on a personalized journey towards holistic health, crafted just for you.

Profile Photo of our Reflexologist, Mairead

Meet Mairéad

Discover her Journey in Holistic Health: A Fusion of Expertise

In 2006, Mairead embarked on her Holistic Health Studies journey, achieving ITEC diplomas in reflexology, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, and Reiki. However, her quest for holistic knowledge didn’t stop there.

Mairead’s passion for Chinese Medicine and Herbal medicine has led her to become a lifelong learner in this field. She’s had the privilege of studying with renowned Herbalist Gina McGarry, further expanding her expertise in herbal medicine.

Today, Mairead’s holistic approach is a beautiful fusion of various healing traditions. Within her reflexology treatments, she seamlessly incorporates elements of acupressure, aromatherapy, and Reiki when appropriate, creating a comprehensive framework that supports and maintains health and balance. With Mairead, you’re not just receiving treatments; you’re experiencing a blend of expertise aimed at nurturing your well-being.


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